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Investment in horses

High returns with structured
investment in Sport Horses

Are you looking for investment opportunities that give you significantly
higher returns than more traditional investments, such as real estate?

At NorCordia, you can be co-owner of an investment portfolio with Sport horses that have the potential to become world champions or the next Grand Prix winner.

Our approach is based on a carefully crafted and structured business model that aims to reduce risks,
add value over a limited period of time – and thereby generate an attractive return.

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How it Works

1. Submit Your Info

An expert from our team will guide your towards maximizing your profit.

2. Select a portfolio

Select the right investment for you

3. Capital Injection

Manage your capital injections easily

4. Well do the hard the work

Sit back and watch your investment grow as we train your horses to win

5. Make profit

Celebrate a successful sale and take your profits home.

Meet the NorCordia team which
takes care of your investment.

Ulrik Clemmensen, CEO

Purchasing and Sales Manager as well as cofounder and owner of NorCordia

Ulrik has more than 20 years of experience
from international equestrian sports. He is an eminent trainer of especially show jumpers. He has developed merchandising skills for the buying and selling horses at the right time. These skills come from experience with his former companies Dansk Equine and CC Stables
as well as his responsibilities for developing horse investment pools for independent investors.

Catherine Haddad Staller, COO

Dressage trainer and competition rider at the
international elite level as well as co-founder and
owner of NorCordia.

Catherine is recognized for her achievements in
competitions and a unique training pedagogy
for horses that have gone on to become Grand
Prix stars numerous times. She has a talent for
spotting and cultivating the potential in dressage
horses whose sales value increases considerably.
Catherine hand-picks horses and facilitate training for NorCordia’s
portfolios in Europe and the USA, which
takes place after a strict selection process with several test rides and checks with veterinarians.

Brian H. Nielsen

Chairman of the Board, investor, Co-founder and
owner of NorCordia

Brian has many years’ experience in developing and running successful Danish companies with a focus on exports. Brian has top management experience from both grocery and furniture industry and now uses his time and knowledge as
chairman of several companies. He is motivated by creating and running healthy, in-demand and profitable products, which he does by incorporating operation and optimization processes as well as systems known from more mature industries than the Horse industry.

Investment facts

  • Expected average return of 14% per year
  • 100,000 € per share, the investment runs for 3 years
  • Investors become co-owners of the investment portfolios
  • Training and selling 18-24 horses over 3 years
  • Full transparency about the current condition / value of the horses on a ½ year basis
  • Reports 2 times a year as well as an annual report
  • We work with a high degree of discretion

About NorCordia

NorCordia is run according to a strong ethical set of values while focusing on a profitable business
– for the benefit of investors. We have three locations: two in the USA and one in Denmark. This
so-lidifies our sales in the two largest markets: USA and Europe

“As an outsider in the equestrian world, I have had an exciting journey and have had my eyes opened
about the growth opportunities that lie ahead. By adding processes and systems from other industry’s
more advanced life cycles and combining them with the two founders’ many years of dedication and
expertise, NorCordia ensures that it will be a profitable investment for our stake holders.”

Brian H. Nielsen

Chairman of the BoardNorCordia

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horse portfolios?

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