NorCordia and the EU Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the EU Sustainable Development Goals were created as a commitment to eradicate poverty and achieve a sustainable world by 2030 and beyond, with human well-being and a healthy planet at its core. Since its inception, NorCordia has strived to exemplify and demonstrate how businesses around the world can align themselves with the SDG, and have a positive impact in our world.

NorCordia’s decision to align themselves with the Sustainable Development Goals was not a difficult one, and since doing so, has found that these ambitions fit very naturally with their company. At NorCordia, they believe in the pursuit of worldwide sustainability, and feel that their business is a natural partner to the SDG. Their horses are fueled by organic feeds, they produce organic fertilizer, and horses are in general very self-sustaining within their breeding industry. Equestrian sports promote the preservation of parkland, pastureland, and farmland. NorCordia is a huge advocate of open spaces and natural land.

Which goals does NorCordia specifically resonate with the most?

Life on Land
NorCordia aims to promote life on land through its advocacy of open green spaces. They are proponents for existing farmland and pastureland, and aim to utilize those spaces in efficient ways, whilst protecting the surrounding biodiversity. As advocates for green spaces, they are continuously fighting for the preservation of natural habitats and lands.

Responsible Consumption
NorCordia is incredibly proud to promote a very circular system when it comes to their horses. Their Feed to Fertilizer plan begins with organic farming, and continues with the organic feed that they use to feed their horses. This then passes through the horses into organic fertilizer, and enriches organic farms. It’s a beautiful, natural cycle that occurs. They also strive to ensure they create as little waste as possible themselves, and are conscious of what and how they consume.

Climate Action
NorCordia strives to keep sustainability and climate action at the forefront of everything they do. They understand that climate change is something important and urgent, and take whatever steps they can to promote a conscious, low-impact lifestyle, both at work and at home. This is an issue close to their hearts, and they hope to keep the conversation (and action!) going strong.

In the future, NorCordia would like to exemplify and promote even more of the Sustainable Development Goals, such as Sustainable Cities and Communities, and Affordable and Clean Energy. They have big plans for the future, and look forward to everything that’s in store for them.

So from a business perspective, what are some of the benefits of incorporating the SDGs into your policies and practices? Not only does it give you peace of mind and satisfaction that you’re doing good for both people and the planet, but it can also positively impact your employees and partners. It makes people feel good to make a difference, and working for a purposeful employer is important to many. It can also make your business more attractive to potential investors who specifically want to work with SDG positive companies, opening up further opportunities for your business.

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