NorCordia Support Ukraine

NorCordia Support Ukraine

NorCordia Support Ukraine

NorCordia Support Ukraine

NorCordia is a Danish company which deals in selling horses worldwide. We are based in Kolding, Denmark, and also have offices in Wellington, Florida and New Jersey, New York. We value horses and are a facility for elite horses with contacts stretching all over Europe, Asia and the United States.

The outbreak of the war in Ukraine which Russia has been pursuing relentlessly the past few weeks has outraged individuals and companies alike all over the world. Here at NorCordia we want our customers and friends to know we support Ukraine 100 percent and no longer will have any dealings with Russia.
We have stopped all business transactions in Russia and fully support all of our clients in and around Ukraine and will ensure we inform all affected parties of our decision. We expect this change in policy to be in effect until the foreseeable future at least until this horrible war ends.

We know that lots of people as well as their pets are impacted due to this terrible tragedy. We hope that any of our horses which may live in the area are safe and have been evacuated with their owners. All animals are special and have a special bond with their humans and we pray all the Ukraine people, and their pets can find a way out of the war-torn area affected by this conflict.
Our teams are tirelessly working on the behalf of our clients and are available to answer any questions due to this decision. You can get in touch with a representative of NorCordia via filling out our contact form at Contact NorCordia | All inquires welcome | NorCordia or calling us at +45 2441 5012.

This horrible war is immensely challenging for not only Ukraine, but the entire world. Millions are affected and we pray these individuals in the area will find the support and safety they need. It is a time for all good people to unite against this horrendous event. We have already seen so much love in all the individuals and companies who have been providing support and aid of all kinds to the Ukrainian populace.

We sincerely hope this horrible war will be over as soon as possible. Until that day occurs, here at NorCordia we are all totally committed to using all of our available resources to do our part to assist the Ukrainians and their animals. From our lowest employee to our highest manager, we vow to do whatever is possible to provide assistance to our patrons and others in need at this time.

Again, we pray this terrible conflict is over as soon as possible, and pray the people and their animals in Ukraine will be free of this war and be able to somehow get back and rebuild their homes and livelihoods.

The word NorCordia” is tantamount with our very values, as the word “Nor” means “Nordic” and “Cordia” refers to the heartstrings of assurance. These are the pillars that support our house. Therefore, NorCordia will continue to stand by the people of Ukraine and denounce Russia for its invasion of war.

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