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Let NorCordia Help You Discover Your Perfect Equine Companion

At NorCordia, we understand that finding the ideal horse is a deeply personal and important decision. While our inventory of horses for sale is carefully curated, we recognize that your specific needs and preferences may require a tailored approach. That’s why we offer our exclusive agency services, dedicated to helping you find your next equestrian partner.

How to Get Started

Provide Horse Details: Please send us a description of your horse, including age, gender, and training level. Additionally, feel free to share any notable achievements, unique attributes, or relevant information that sets your horse apart.

Showcase Your Horse: To help us assess your horse’s suitability, we kindly request you to upload photos and videos. These visual representations enable us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your horse’s conformation, movement, and overall quality.

Connect with NorCordia: We eagerly await the opportunity to see your horse and evaluate its potential to join our select portfolio. Simply submit the information and files through our contact form, and our team will promptly review your submission.


Considering Selling Your Horse? We’re Interested.

Connect with NorCordia – Your Potential Buyer Awaits

If you’re contemplating selling your horse, NorCordia may be the ideal destination. We are actively seeking exceptional horses to add to our exclusive collection. Whether your horse possesses talent, potential, or remarkable qualities, we invite you to reach out and share the details.



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NorCordia’s Tailored Horse Acquisition Service: Let NorCordia Lead You To Your Ideal Equine Match

At NorCordia, we recognize that finding the perfect horse isn’t just a transaction—it’s an emotional and profound journey. While our selection of available horses showcases our commitment to excellence, we also understand that your preferences and requirements are uniquely yours. That’s why we introduce our specialized agency service, dedicated to assisting you in finding the equestrian companion of your dreams.

Share your vision. Reach out to us to convey your aspirations and specifications. Whether you’re searching for a rising star in the equestrian world or a seasoned partner to share unforgettable moments with, we’re here to listen and understand your desires.



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When you choose NorCordia, you’re choosing a dedicated partner committed to your satisfaction. Let us assist you in finding the horse of your dreams, providing personalized attention and a seamless experience every step of the way. Contact us today to select your horse for life. Trust us to deliver excellence in equestrian partnerships.